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Audi Convertibles

Saw a European version of the new Audi Convertible at the Seattle Auto Show
last week. The salescritter said that indeed they would be coming into the
U.S., probably mid-'93 with the V6 engine. He guessed that the price would
be mid-$40k or so.

By the looks of it, it was based on the 90 body style. BTW, the Euro front
end looks a whole lot better than the 5 mph U.S. front end. It is quite
sleek and a lot flatter.

A side note:
A friend works for Alcoa and was at the corporate headquarters in Pittsburg,
PA where he happened to notice an Audi Avus in the front lobby. He thought it
was an appropriate statement for an aluminum company to make. He only regrets
that Alcoa doesn't allow cameras in its facilities.

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