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Re: Small leaks of hydraulic fluid.

Greenish fluid is a sign of the transmission fluid mixing with the
transaxle fluid.  The seal between the two units is a common failure.

I just finished replacing both units with a factory re-built
installed by the dealer for $2400 ($1800 + labor).  This was at 80K
miles and I drove my `86 5000S until the noise became "unpleasent".
The service mgr. said if you detect this early while it's under
warranty, the warranty company will insist on just replacing the seal
which is about $1500 (99% in labor), but there may be other damage done
which will cause another failure in say 20K miles.  So driving it until
it quits is not a bad option.  I priced an aftermarket
transmission/transaxle through Skohan (sp?) and it was ~$1100.

Good luck!

John Mc

> From tcheung@gandalf.rutgers.edu Thu Dec  3 06:53:38 1992
> To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
> Subject: Small leaks of hydraulic fluid.
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> My '87 Audi has another small (?) problem, it leaks hydraulic fluid, a couple
> of drops or after a normal drive.  The system was leaking heavily through
> one of the hoses but now it's down to a trickle after the hoses were replaced.
> I do not know where the thing is leaking, the fluid drips from the bottom of
> the transmission and it's not transmission oil (i.e. not reddish).  It's
> greenish, (not coolant because too oily, not engine oil 'cause too clean)
> I noticed that the rubber boots over the steering was broken and dirt on
> the rack.  I suspect the dirt got on the rod and rack and wear out the oil
> seals on the powering steering.
> Anyone has ideas what to look for ??  I heard that replacing the rack etc.
> maybe needed and can someone give me a figure how much ?? I heard $1,000 ??
> 				 Awaiting Audi Guru's reply,
> 					TKC.