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Re: S4

I live in the Northeast, and I often drive in snow, so I opted for
the "all-seasons" option on my 1991 Coupe Quattro. 
In genreal, I think that if you do not see snow often enough, you do
not really need the all-seasons, given the 4wd of your quattro.
Of course, some high performance tires are so bad in snow that
perhaps you may indeed need the all-seasons.

My car (with the all-seasons option) came with Dunlop SP6's, which is 
a special H-rated M+S tire made just for this car (195/65-15 size). 
I believe the non all-season tire was the Dunlop SP8, 205/60-15 
(with the same rims). After 30K, my all-seasons needed to be repleaced, 
and I found that the SP6's was "discontinued". So I am going with 
Pirelli's P500 of the same size, which have a 40K warrenty. 
I guess my point is that if you go with a "special" OEM tire from 
Audi, it may not be available in the future.

What are the S4's optional "all-season" tires that come with the 15" rims? 
What size are they?

What tires/size come with the 16" rims? (I assume that they will be 
V-rated, which means that they probably won't last too long).

And which all-season tire would you consider if you got the 16" rims?

	-dave t.

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great timing finding out about this resource........

I am about to buy a '93 S4 (unless there is something I should know)

Anyone have a feel for what they'll actually go for ?  The sales
folks, of course, are really pushing the 92's that are left and
indicate that they can be had for under $40K + tax/lic.  They go on to
say that the new ones will go for sticker, though one indicated

I am considering getting the 16" wheels and fitting them with all
season rather than the 15" all season option.  I will predominantly
drive the S4 to work over the Dumbarton and occaisionally (~ once a
month) on highway 80 to Trukee.  So, the tires might actually touch
snow 3 to 5 times a year.

This is quite a big step for me as I currently drive a 4wd pickup or
my wire's Honda Accord.

Any tech info or otherwise some advise from experienced Audi owners is


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