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Re: Funny problem with lights and things

Audis used to be notorious for electrical problems of this type; the
previous-generation 80 especially.  I had an '80 80, or 4000 as it was
then known in North America.

I don't know if Audi used the same taillight assembly for the entire
(1980-1987?) production run, or if they were different outside North
America.  In my car, the bulbs for each taillight assembly were mounted
on a plastic panel that unclips from the taillight housing (in the
trunk).  It looks like an oversized printed circuit board, with
sheet-metal traces running in channels in the plastic.  These traces
would corrode.  Cleaning them, the bulb sockets, and the wiring harness
connectors would sometimes clear up mysterious lighting glitches.

[Along the lines of the displacement/horsepower lists recently posted,
does anybody have a list of the various Audi generations?  I assume
we're currently in the third generation of the 80; the first generation
was called the Fox here, and the second generation was called the 4000.]