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Re: [MAILER-DAEMON: Returned mail: Host unknown]

Yes, I run 15 PSI all the time with no problems. It's even OK
with just 92 octane, I don't really need the 93 or 94 Ultra.

I have run up to 18 PSI on the track with no problems, although 
I was running 94 Ultra and 104+ Super octane booster. I ran the
15.2 1/4 mile at 15 PSI though. 18 PSI is a high as I can go
with the IA "Euro" spring, anything higher and I'll need an
even stiffer spring. I really don't think I can get any more
power by going above 15 PSI without additional fuel, that's
why I am installing the Miller-Woods Micro-Fueler injection

This is all with 171,000+ miles on a completely stock and
original engine, the head's never even been off!