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Re: Any Quattro Coupes? (was Re: Big mistake)

Well, Would't call the changes to the '85s "major". The '85s
have a nicer interior, heated leather, nicer dash, steering wheel
and door panels, a different  setup for locking the diffs and
a slightly recalibrated suspension and also a wider rear valence.
Also, the '85s have the "new style" sloping grill and Hella
H4 headlights vs the older Ciebie (sp?) headlights. The Hellas
match up with the sloping grill, the Ciebies were 90 degrees
to the verticle to align with the "flat" grille. The engine,
trans and driveline are the same in the 85's as the
82-84 models. There were also minor tweaks to the injection
and computer to make cold starting a little easier with
such low (7.5:1) compression turbo pistons. These changes
were more "evolutionary" than "major". The first "major"
revision to the Quattro Turbo Coupe was the introduction
of the 20-valve engine (S4 engine), Torsen diffs and ABS,
available in Europe only at $55k US. Oh, the '85s also
had 15X8" wheels with 215-50-15 P7Rs available.