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re: european quattro changes

Well, now that I'm home and have my collection of magazines and books
with me, I will now present a more complete list of the technical
evolution of the great Audi Quattro.  (a.k.a turbo quattro coupe)  I
will also inject little noteworthy details.  Feel free to correct me or
add to the list, guys.  my info. is a little sketchy, esp. during the
early years.  I have an issue of CAR with a "buying second hand" article
on the car with all the changes, but that issue escapes me right now.
Hope I can find it later..

1980:  european quattro production starts:

2144 cc; 200 bhp @ 5.5K; 210 lbft @ 3.5K.  Compression ratio 7.0:1. 
0-60 6.9 secs; top speed 132 mph.  6JX15 alloy wheels, 205/60VR15
Goodyear NCTs.  manually locking differentials.  no temperature gauge,
in its place is a boost gauge.  2844 pounds kerb weight.

1982: production of US spec cars begin: 
everything same as above except: 160 bhp.  (what is the torque figure?)

1984:  (1985 for US cars)  first major revision:

ABS becomes available for European models.  wheels increased to 8JX15,
tires 215/50VR15 Pirelli P7s.  significant changes to suspension and
handling.  Digital speedometer introduced at about this time, together
with a female voice for warnings.  (glen, does your car have these?)
full (digital) instrumentation is now provided.

1985: final year of imports to the US.  (how much longer did Canada get the

1988: second major revision:

- engine size increased to 2226 cc
- compression ratio upped to 8.6:1
- water cooling for turbo
- 200 bhp @ 5.5K; 210 lbft @ 3K, 500 rpm lower
- much more low rpm torque
- 0-60: 6.7 secs; top speed 136 mph.
- torsen center differential fitted
- still runs on leaded super.  no catalyst version available.
- pearl white paint becomes available
- Pirelli P700 tires fitted
- weight goes up by 20 lb over 1980 original.

late 1990: final revision:

- 20 valve head fitted, together with computerised wastegate management.
- compression ratio increased to 9.3:1
- 220 bhp @ 5.7K; 228 lbft @ 2K
- catalyst standard equipment; runs only on super unleaded.
- 0-60 6.2 secs; top speed 143 mph.
- weight goes up to 3069 pounds

April 1991:  Performance car magazine bids farewell to the quattro.

total worldwide production: 11000
total imported to the US.  ???
total imported to Canada.  ???