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ATF leak

My 84 5000S turbo has leaked various fluids and gasses in the last two
years that I've owned it. (hydralic oil, antifreeze, and freon leaks)
Now, I notice that it is starting to pee larger and larger red spots
in the driveway. I have to add about a half quart of ATF every 3-4 weeks
now. I've been able to locate and fix all the other leaks on this car,
but I'm having a bit of trouble isolating the ATF leak. It appears to be
coming from the bottom pan gasket on the transmission itself, because
I can see ATF just about everywhere on the bottom of the tranny. However,
I'm not at all sure that it's not coming from somewhere else and that it
is just blowing back there. 
What are the most common locations of ATF leaks on these cars? If it is
the gasket, can it be easily replaced without special tools?

One other question. The boost indicator never goes above 1.4 bar. Is
this the usual boost limit for this car? I've owned a few other turbo
cars, and 6 psi seems like a pretty mild boost limit.