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Re: ATF leak

haroon@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Muhammad Ahmed) writes:

>I have a small hydraulic leak (nothing big) but it eats up a
>liter of fluid every two months, and that stuff is expensive
>my dealer charges $20 per liter!!.  Do you know of any substitutes
>for the hydraulic oil, because the Auto and Department store brands
>will eat up the rack and pinion seals.

	I have bought a brand of Mineral Hydraulic Fluid called CHF
at a local "Kar Parts" store for about $14 a liter. It is a German
brand and specifically states that its for steering and other 
hydraulic systems. Other foreign auto parts stores said they carry
it when I called to ask if they have "mineral hydraulic fluid for
Audi steering systems". So try your local foreign car parts store.