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Re: Audi 5000 was called 100?

Peter Hill (pfh@aspen.cray.com) writes:
>I did own a new 1980 Audi 4000 (80) for five years. I would say that my 
>experience with it was a bit better than average.

My understanding has always been that the 80 and 90 (4000/4000 5-cyl.) were
generally excellent cars. My own 1984 4000 is nearing the 285 000 km 
(180 000 mile) mark, with only 20 000 of those miles on the second engine,
which I transplanted about a year ago. My relationship with a 1987 5000 CD
(American CS) Quattro was absolutely wonderful, and the latter's replacement,
an S4, has been no different.

I just can't relate to these horror stories about Audi.

-- Brent