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Re: audi bashing again

what's servotronic ?  sorry, I'm an almost (will be on Monday) Audi
owner  ;-) 

Also, who is the mechanical engr looking for work out there ?

> some serious development on it.  better yet, offer it as an option that
> i can refuse.  (wanna pass that along to your pal, peter?) until then, i
> will run the v8 until the doors fall off or until my wallet runs dry
> after the 100K ext. warranty expires..  i think that if they can offer
> such low volume cars like the 5 speed v8 and the 200Q 20V, they can also
> offer non-servotronic S4s (possibly with less luxo-junk) for the die
> hards.  just like what porsche is doing with the club sport type cars.