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A love for Quattros Date: Tue, 22 Dec 92 17:32:59 EST From: lmcstst@noah.ericsson.se (Stamos Stamos) Content-Length: 1880

   > that my "P.O.-P.O." is cold doing it.  ie.:  I don't have seat warmers.  
   > :(.  (Po-po: a German term  being pronounced "Poe Poe" like Edgar Allan 
   > Poe.)  What I am looking for is a kit to install them myself.  Does 
   > anyone know if one is available?  Do I need to go through the Dealer or 
   > could I get them from a, well, shall we say,  wreaked Audi?   Are they 
   > the same for all years (other than the look of the switch).  It really 
   > doesn't seem like it would be a difficult task to install them.  
   > Suggestions welcome.  
   > Thanksinadvance,
   > Kathy
   > 87' 5000CS TQ
   > kajensen@novell.com

   I don't think thats a good idea(unless you can sew).

   I had the misfortune of repairing the driver seat heater in a 85
   First you have to bend the metal hooks on the frame of the chair to 
   release the covering, this gives you partial access.
   >From this I discovered that the heaters (plastic covered wires glued
   to some type of plastic) was sewn, yes sewn to the seat and you guessed
   it they had sowen trough one of the wires. The increased resistance
   that this cause burnt out the wire at that point, I was able to solder
   the wire together and put it all back. It now works as good as new,
   or should that be 'better than new'.

   Anyway to remove the heater from a wreaked one would be quit easy as you
   could hack the chair to bits, but inserting it into your chair would be 
   quite an effort. I think it is sown in to get it as close to your
   'po-po' as possible. Just inserting it underneath the stiching would
   probably heat the chair more than your 'po-po'.
   If you have found a wreak with a chair in good condition, why not
   replace the    whole chair, assuming its the correct colour.
   Else  auto accessory stores sell seat warmers that you place over the seat,
   just like thouse things with wooden beads.


Look into the Audi factory manual for an answer.  I used to have one
for my '87 4000CSQ and I remember the manual stating that the heated
seat elements should not be replaced.  If one breaks, the new
one is installed right below the old one.  I remember the dealer
replaced the drivers elements once.  If the follow the factory manual
instructions, they should've left the old one alone.  The seat worked
well anyways.  In summary, ask somebody in this mailing list who has
an '87 5000TQ factory repair manual for an answer.