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1991 200 Turbo Quattro *** FOR SALE ***

>   Date: Mon, 4 Jan 93 09:52:08 -0500
>   From: powell@interlan.interlan.com (Glen D. Powell)
>   I've checked-out the S4 and I doubt it's any less "luxurious" vs
>   the 200TQ, definitely has lotsah nice wood! I too would just *LOVE*
>   to add an S4 to the Fundsalo Racing Audi Collection..... ($$$)
>   -glen


You're probably talking about the 1992 S4.  The 1993 S4 does NOT have
wood, chrome trimmings, trip computer, speakers on top of the
dashboard, and battery voltage gauge.  The CD changer is now a $790
option.  The 200TQ looks more luxurious because of the wood, the
chrome, and the BBS wheels.  In my opinion, the 1993 S4 interior looks
cheap (I call it sporty) compared to the 200TQ.  The 200TQ has a
better finished interior.  My 200TQ does not have any glitches (all
parts fit perfectly) but the 1993 S4 I test drove had a few glitches
(parts do not fit proprerly or look out of alignment).

The 1993 S4 has some things I like better over the 200TQ: better
performance (stiffer suspension, stiffer chassis, more power), glass
sunroof (the controls are neat too; you don't have to hold a button
anymore to open the sunroof; simply set a dial to the position you
want the sunroof and then it will get to that position automatically),
sporty wheels, separate heated seat controls for the back seats,
climate control panel (looks better; I don't know if it's better
functionally), sportier exterior looks, logical power locks (in the
S4, unlocking the driver's door does not unlock all doors; you have to
do that manually after you open the driver's door).

In summary, the 1993 S4 looks and feels more like a sports sedan. The
200TQ looks and feels more like a luxury sedan (although it's a sports
sedan if you compare it to the japanese luxury sedans).

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