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86 GT Coupe OXS

Hello everyone,
	My name is Tiaq and I am new to the list. I have an 86
GT coupe and that is the most fun car I have had. As such I keep 
it in good shape and try to fix whatever that breaks that is
within my student budget!
	The time has come at 80000miles to change the OXS sensor
and I would like to ask your expert opinion as to 'what' sensor
it requires. Does it require a 3 wire or single wire sensor?
Right now, I have a single wire one, but there is provision for
3 wires, with 2 wires just unconnected. In my routine tune-up,
I asked the mechanic at a reputable Audi-VW place here in 
Pittsburgh and he said I needed the 3 wire one, seeing that there
are 3 wires provided for the sensor. I called up the dealer, they
said one, called up Shokan and they said one, called up P.A.P and
they said one, called up German Restoration Parts and they said one,
although they did admit that the Bosch parts catalog does have
errors in them.
	Big difference in price too, single lead -> $35, 3 lead
-> $110. All of the people who said to use the single wire one
probably got that out of a catalog which might contain errors
and my car has 3 wires for the sensor. I doubt there is any
perceivable performance/economy gaindifferedifference in economy/performance except maybe 
during startup.
	What do you guys think?

Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232.