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Re: OXS for 86 coupe

> From: David_Wagner@vos.stratus.com
> To: quattro@aries.east.sun.com
> Subject:        OXS for 86 coupe
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> Tiaq is asking about replacement of his OXS (at 80,000 miles).
> My experience with OXS on my VW GTI was that they "say you must replace it
> when the light comes on", but in my experience, this was a mileage based
> requirement, not a part-failure related one.
> In other words, you may want to determine if your OXS is actually broken.
> If your mileage, performance and emissions are OK, then my opinion is to not
> replace it.  If you are experiencing problems in these areas which has been
> traced to the OXS then it is replacement time.
> (In my case, my first one still works fine (117,000 miles)!
> Maybe this'll save you some $$
> Regards,
> David

	I have an '85 4000 Quattro with the original OXS and 137,000 miles.  I have an 

	OXS LED meter mounted on my dash, so I can always see if the OXS is working.

	If it ain't broke, don't fix it.