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Re: 1991 200 Turbo Quattro

        Reply to:   RE>> 1991 200 Turbo Quattro 
some japanese cars (toyota and probably others) have a deal where one turn of
the key in the door lock opens the driver's door, and another subsequent
flick-turn of the key opens the rest of the doors.  certainly better than a
manual internally mounted switch!

-  peter at lbl

Date: 1/6/93 9:32 PM
To: Peter Fraser
From: Glen D. Powell

Yep, you are right! It was a 92 S4 I checked out. I have not seen the
93. I stand corrected. Interestingly, the "non-logical" door locks
are the result of customer requests; some customer do not like the
fact that unlocking the driver's door automatically unlocks all the
doors, they feel that this feature is a security risk in that
someone could then jump into the car via one of the other doors.
THis results in part from the publicity of carjackings of late.
Customer have requested that only the driver's door unlock and that
the driver then has to unlock the rest of the doors if desired.
In my opinion this ought to be a switch-selectable feature so that
those of us that live in low-crime areas do not need to hassle
with the manual unlocking.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR 93 S4!  (I'm drooling on my keyboard.....)