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re: RE: Defogger flaking out...

It's happening on cold (30-40 degrees Fahrenheit), wet days. I didn't know that
the compressor kicked off below 38 so that may be a factor if the temp is right
around there. Also, I noticed that I can hear a relay clicking at the time the
fogging/defogging occurs. 

Thanks for your input-


Sound like it might be a vacuum leak which is changing the position of
the flaps which divert air to the windshield.  As you back off the
throttle, you create a greater manifold vacuum which then moves the
flaps back into where they are supposed to be.

If your AC compressor is working properly, speed should not affect its

Query: Is this happening in warm humid days or cold days? (Note that
when the ambient temperature drops below 38 degrees Farenheit, the AC
compressor will not kick in...)