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Re: Chains, snow tires, etc.

Mark Gooley <mgooley@advtech.uswest.com> wrote:
> [...]
>I have a 5000CS turbo (not Quattro) which is at the body shop today because
>it skidded on glare ice in the mountains two weeks back and went into Aspen
>(the tree, not the ski town).  I take it that the non-Quattro Audis have no
>trouble with chains?  Also, can anyone suggest good snow tires?  I have
>205/60R15 all-season (hah!) tires on factory alloys; would narrower wheels
>be better for snows?

Sorry to hear about your accident Mark, hope you're o.k.

First, I would suggest you switch to the 195/65/15 size...
the narrower width will help in the snow, and you should 
not have to replace your wheels.

Second, I have used Perilli P190 snows on my old Audi
Coupe GT (FWD). On my current Coupe Quattro,  
I just got a set of Perilli P500's to replace the OEM 
Dunlop SP6 (both are all season & H rated) after 30K. 
I changed brands simply because the SP6's were discontinued,
and I got a really good price on the P500's.

Lastly, no matter what car you drive, your tire width,
or wheather or not you use tire chains and studs, physics 
will always win over your driving skills when it comes to 
driving on ice. If it's near the freezing point, or if it 
rains and then gets cold, expect the worse.

	-dave t.