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Chains, snow tires, etc.

	I have used Gislaveld(sp?) a Swedish hydrophilic snow tire for years

	with excellent results.  I used to have a Triumph TR8 which was 

	just about unusable in the winter because of the torque of a V8 and

	no weight in the rear.  With the hydrophilic snows, no problem, well

	I'd rather have my 4000 Quattro in the snow, but it made the TR8 very

	drivable in the winter.

	I don't know what other manufacturers make hydrophilic snows, but I

	would recomend looking into it.

	As I remember, most tires are colored black with carbon black(soot?),

	which is hydrophobic, whereas the hydrophilic tires use some other 

	compound.  When the hydrophilic tires first came out, the treads

	were blue, but now they are all black like a regular tire.