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AudiWatch Update #9 (Tm)

AudiWatch Update #9, 2-8-93

_European Car_ Feb 93

We Hear.....

The new Chairman of Audi is 42-year old Franz Josef Kortum, who
joined the compamny as a marketing director last spring after
being poached from Mercedes-Benz. His predecessor, Ferdinand
Piech, took over from Carl Hahn as chief of Volkswagen on Jan 1st.

_Autoweek_ Feb 93


VW is withdrawing from the Swatch project because it wants to
avoid heavy investment in the two-seat city car. Insisting the
project will go forward, perhaps with another partner, Swatch
said VW is withdrawing to help cut costs. VW and Swatch so far
have invested more than $15 million in the Swatch car.


Meanwhile, VW said it will still develop its own city car, the
four-seat Chico. Compared to the show car, the production Chico
will be a few inches longer and will initially use a four-cylinder
gasoline engine for power, with hybrid versions using both
internal combustion and electric motors perhaps coming later.
The Chico is expected to retail for a higher price than the
Swatch, thus Volkswagen says that some sort of fiscal incentives
are being considered to improve the Chico's cost-effectiveness
for consumers.


Audi AG confirmed that the company is discussing building a plant
in the U.S., but said it is also considering Canada and Mexico.
Audi AG officials stressed that the talks are still in the early
stages and that we shouldn't expect any kind of a decision until
this summer. Spokesmen at Volkswagen of America Inc. wouldn't
confirm the plan.

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