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Audi Recall

Hello All;

I need some advice.

On saturday I recieved a recall letter from Audi concerning
85-91 Audis with automatic transmisions. It states that the
final drive fluid is not up to the job and can be lost due 
to evaporation. The recall work will involve replacing the
fluid with "an advanced design high performance gear oil 
which has improved evaporation characteristics ..." Also,
from now on the fluid must be checked every 15,000 miles.
There is a warning that the car should not be operated
if a grinding noise developes form the transmission area.

Now, my car has a vvverring noise that seems
to be coming form either the transmission or from a bad wheel
bearing. The car is an 85 5000S that I bought about 5 months
ago and it has 99,000 miles. 

My problem is as follows:

If the noise is indeed coming from the transmission, how do
I make sure that the damage if any, is repaired and that I 
don't pay for the repairs:) If the dealer admits that there
is damage, he/she might argue that  I was negligent in performing
all the servicing since I don't have all the records. The second
scenario is that the gear oil change eliminates the noise 
and the dealer then denys that there is damage while in fact
there is. In that case my car will break down six months from
now on a cold, rainy night in the middle of nowhere :)

So, what would be the best strategy here ??