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Re: Where to fix my 5000S with leaky steering rack.

	My '87 5000 CSTQ  also had a slow leak in the rack when I bought
the car about 8 months ago. I had then taken it to an Audi dealer 
(Bernardsville Audi - (908)766-0900 in Bernardsville, NJ) who said that
both the Hydraulic Pump and the Steering Rack would have to be replaced
at some exorbitant cost (I don't remember the figures now). I did nothing
about it until I had to go in again to him about 6 weeks ago for a
rear differential bearing replacement (I had posted about this problem
before). This time, I asked the Service Manager if Audi would cover some
of the cost of replacing the rack and the differential bearing since I
had low miles on the car (46K when I first reported the problem to him
8 months ago). He promised to check with the Audi rep. Finally, Audi
agreed to pay for the parts, with me footing the labor. I thought
it was a good deal. So I got the job done. They charged me 4.5 hours
labor to replace the steering rack (at $58/hr) and another 2 hours
to change the diff. bearing (which he claimed took much longer; but
he charged what he had estimated earlier). They put in an Audi-rebuilt
"half-rack". I didn't get the hydraulic pump replaced since the leak,
if any, is hardly visible. If your car has low miles, its worth a try
asking Audi to foot part of the bill.

	In my limited experience with Bernardsville Audi, I have found the
mechanics to be competent and the Service reps courteous. The guy at the
parts department is very helpful too; he gives 10% off parts. Bernardsville
Audi is located at the intersection of routes 78 and 287, not far from
Rutgers University. So, Tak if you want to try them out and want more details,
drop me a line.

Zafer Mehmood
AT&T Bell Labs
Murray Hill, NJ