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How to diagnos brake sticking..

Hello Again ....  

Thank you very much for the procedure to change steering fluid...

I have another problem with an '86 5000 ...  The front disk brakes keep
sticking for some reason... it is fine when I first drive it .. but after 
5-6 stops.. the front brakes seem to be stuck since there is a lots of smoke
when I stop.  

I already had the front brake calipers rebuilt.  and it does not seem to
cure the problem ...  I think they change the rubber seal on the cylinders. 

The question I have is could it be the master cylinder? or the hydraulic
power brake assist ??  What I do not understand about disk brake is what 
pull the cylinder back into the caliper ??  could it be "the part" where
it center the caliper relative to the rotor?  So far the brake seem to wear
evenly. ...

Thanks you very much for any advices....

byebye 8-)) long--; (Orlando, FLorida)  Mickey Mouse World...