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hello ? anybody out there ?

Just checking, my last e-mail bounced, well, here is that last unsuccesfull

I have an 89 100, 5 cylinder 10 valve non-turbo 56k, I have the
same gurgling sound.
The dealer says that if the sound is there from day 1 its probably
ok, but if the sound just starts to appear one day out of the blue,
its a pretty good indication that the fuel pump is on the way out.
When I bought my car about 10,000 miles ago the pump was gurgling
enough that you could hear it when stopped at a light if the radio
was off.  As soon as I turned the radio on at a normal volume, I couldn't
hear it anymore.  As part of my purchase though I had them through in a new pump
that I'll install when the time comes. :-) hopefully not in the near
future, it's too cold outside 0 degrees F this morning, burrrrrr!!!

Hope this helps!

Mike La Rosa Computervision Corp, Bedford, mass.

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