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re: info please


Judging from the information I've seen in this mailing list:

	1) I'd go with the manual transmission (due to the 60 Minutes
	   thing for resale, also because of a seal failure problem that
	   some people reported on automatics).
	2) It seems like many of the hydraulic problems were fixed in
	   the 88 model year.

I have an 88 Quattro and it comes with ABS, but I believe that non-quattro
doesn't. So the 87 non-quattro probably doesn't have it standard either.


From:	DECWRL::"SCHMIDT@LNS62.TN.CORNELL.EDU"  4-MAR-1993 16:29:28.85
To:	quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subj:	info please

I wonder if I might trouble you folks for some info about Audis...

-what is the service record of the 1987 wagon with manual transmission?
-did the 1987 come with all-wheel disks? or front disks/rear drums?
-was/is ABS standard on Audi? if not, optional in 1987?

And if I open a can of worms, my apologies, but what is the consensus on
the best year of manufacture for the 5-cylinder models?

Thank you for any insights you might share with me.