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Re: climate control out of control

>the climate control has quite a rich set of diagnostics that you can
>perform.  in my case it was traced to a temperature regulating motor
>that controls the air blending flap.  it is on order right now.  the

I have the exact same problem. It seems that the real cumprit was
the cable itself. It was sticking and dragging so much that the motor
was stalling out. I tried lubricating the cable and it helped for
several months. Once the weather got cold again this winter, it
started acting up again. I've found that there is sort of a manual
way to override this problem - if your fingers are skinny enough.
You can help the motor overcome this stall condition if you
open the glovebox and reach up high on the right side and grab the
actuator and push in the proper direction. Pushing to the right
makes it warmer, and pushing to the left makes it cooler.
One of these days I'll replace that cable and be done with it :-)

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