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Engine OK readout !!!

Don't know about the engine readout - I have a 1990 80 Quattro, but
the when the drivers side seat heater is on, the relay will click
randomly for a while.  once the seat is very warm, the relay will start
to click much more rapidly (maybe once a second or so).  At this point
the seat is warm enough anyway, so I just turn them off.  The seat
heater is something that I had worked on while the car was still under
warranty (originally the drivers side just didn't work), but now the
warranty is expired, and it is not worth paying them to fix since I
don't often use them.  Also, if I don't turn the heater up all the
way, then they don't seem to reach the point where they click rapidly.
(or it takes longer, and I don't leave them on long enough to notice).
Also they passenger side heater doesn't seem to work as well as it
used to anymore - these seats are not anywhere near as reliable as the
rest of the car has been.

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