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Re: Radios Station Readout - 1991 Coupe Q

> 	I have a 1991 Coupe Quattro and don't get the radio station readout,
> 	even though the Owners guide says it should display.
> I also have a '91 Coupe Q, and I'm not sure what the radio station readout is
> supposed to display.  Let me know and I'll tell you if I get it.

Page 43 of the Owners Manual:

 "Radio Frequency Display.
  For drivers convenience the display of the Auto-Check System
  is also used for displaying certain radio information:

  with the radio switched on and no malfunctions indicated,
  the display will show the radio station frequency, the
  stereo indicator, the number of the preset station button 
  or the word TAPE."

Going by the responses I have received so far, this feature
does not appear to have been implemented in the Coupe Q.

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