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I have just borrowed a video off a friend (he owns a Ur model) and it is the
story of the Audi Quattro. The video is called "The Audi Quattro Expericene"
and it is very good viewing.
It looks as though it was some sort of "sales" vid made by Audi themselfs, but
there is some very good rally action shots.
It sort of starts in 1981 when Audi entered the Quattro into the rally scence.
It showes all the other models that have been made. There is even an old
advert for the "Quattros" which shows a 200 running up a ski jump.
Most of the vid is really about the Rally quattros and there was a new car
that i have not seen before. The "Sport Quattro".
This was a shorter version of the normal coupe model which won just about
every rally that it was entered into.
The video finishes in the "Trans Am" series which is the "last" thing that
Audi entered. The car they used had an output of 780BHP !!!!!
If anyone wants the name of the video supplier shoot us some mail and i will
look it up for you.
It is well worth watching if u can get hold of it.



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