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15-20hp more?

Hello everyone!

	I am considering a few options to boost the hp and torque
on my 86 GT coupe. The 110hp from the 5cyl is not enough for me!!
Got handily beat by a friend in her Buick Century. I called up Jacobs
Electronics in Texas and asked about their 'Energy Team' kit after 
reading about it in european-car and it's supposed to boost plug fire
and for my coupe they quoted a 2mpg increase, 16hp more, and 8% more 
low end torque. Anybody tried it before? Costs $337. 
	I have also heard about a kit from MSD(?). that retails for less
that basically fires the plugs many times in a split second. Could not
find any of their ads. Also thinking of a Leistritz or a Dyno-Max 
exhaust sytem together with a K&N air filter. Any pros and cons? Bang
for buck opinions? 
	I am not too power hungry and just want 20hp more without
chips and big valve heads.