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Re: 5000/200 Turbo manual?

>Anyone have a manual covering the 5000/200 with the water-cooled turbo?
>I am looking for copies of the pages showing the water-cooling lines to
>the turbo and pump, etc, to install a water-cooled turbo on my '85
>Turbo Coupe.



Glen - I have the Bentley manuals for the 5000. I think it covers 84
to 88 5000 models. I can make a photocopy of the relevant pages and
mail them to you. Please send your mailing address to my email address
shown below. By the way, my 87 5000CSQ has the water-cooled turbo, and
if the manaul pages aren't clear enough, I can take a peek under the
hood to answer any questions you may have.

Zafer Mehmood