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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #12

AudiWatch Update #12, 4-9-93

_Autoweek_ 3-22-93


  Yes he is, no he isn't. General Motors lost a trans-Atlantic tug o`
war over the services of cost-slashing purchasing whiz J. Ignacio de 
Arriortua, who had resigned to join VW AG, but it was nip and tuck
right up to a press conference where GM pres Jack Smith was set to name
him head of GM's N Amer. Ops, making him one of the 3 top execs in GM.
  But Lopez sent his 2nd resignation, this one hand-written, through an
intermediary catching Smith totally by surprise. VW's reportedly offered
a board seat, major control of all VW, Seat and Skoda production and,
funding for a new Seat plant in Lopez's native Basque region of Spain to
finally reel in their prey.
  Landing Lopez, who ruthlessly attacked costs and earned enmity of
suppliers, is no small coup for VW chairman Ferdinand Piech because
VW, though Europe's top seller, is losing money as the highest-cost
producer on the Continent.

_Autoweek_ 3-29-93



  Audi AG likely will build a car smaller than its current 80 model,
which it no longer sells in the US. This new sub-2.0-liter car will
almost certainly be BUILT IN NORTH AMERICA; probably in Mexico.
However, Audi also has been looking at sites in the Carolinas and
could follow BMW's lead into that area.

AUDIs of interest FOR SALE:

AUDI Ur QUATTRO, 1983, 43k miles, black/black leather,
Euro lights, excellent condition, call Ken at 508-425-4319. MA

AUDI Ur QUATTRO, 1982 World Champion AUDI Quattro
Rally Car, Michelle Mouton/John Buffum, Pikes Peak Class
Winner, $70,000. Contact Chris 203-775-7834/d 203-354-8652/e. CT

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983 - orig owner, CA car, 110kmi, Gold/Choc,
lthr, xlnt cond. $10k/OBO, 818-790-8137 CA

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983, 4WD, 46k orig. mi., White/Tan Chocolate,
like new, $20k, 818-340-6272 CA

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1983, Silver/Brown cloth, 83k mi., Yok. AVS Int,
well maint, $7k/OBO, 301-384-3455/d MD

AUDI Ur Quattro, 1984, Red/Oyster, orig. owner, 60k mi., AZ car,
Finest example in country, many extras, $18k 602-991-1871 AZ

Your way-behind, one-handed editor,

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik!