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Timing Belt/Waterpump, Quattro Sport Book

I replaced the timing belt and water pump on my 1986 5000CS Turbo at 75K
miles and the hardest part is removing the crank pulley as mentioned in other
posts. I was able to borrow the special tools (Crank pulley bolt wrench and
the Pulley locking bar) from a local Audi training instructor. I think they
both can be purchased from Zelenda in Forest Hills, NY  for around $150.
The crank pulley bolt wrench is a socket welded onto a bar which allows a
1/2 inch breaker bar/Torque wrench to be attached. The bar also has a bend
in it to get around various obstacles near the pulley. The locking
tool slips inside the pulley and wedges against the engine mount. I can't
imagine doing it without the tools. I had a 3 foot breaker bar and it took
all I had to break it loose. The bolt has loctite (blue) on the threads and
the shaft. The torque spec using the crank pulley bolt wrench is 258 ft/lbs.
I suppose a hammer and a socket with a breaker bar might work although there
is little room in front of the pulley to work around. I would recommend
replacing the cam belt idler pulley (you need a puller) the same time you
do the belt. I have been told by a local Audi dealer mechanic not to bother
replacing the crank pulley oil seal (unless it is leaking badly) because
it is a pain to do. My seal is not leaking at 120K miles.

The o-ring should be glued into the groove in the waterpump to prevent
it from coming out and getting pinched against the pump and the engine block.
It might help to put some vaseline or grease on the engine block side to
allow the pump to move when the belt is adjusted. The water pump can be
maneuvered out from under the metal cover shield.

Also has anyone purchased the AUDI QUATTRO SPORT book written by 
Lewandowski? It is available from Classic Motorbooks for $175. Is it
worth the price?

Scott M.