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Re: Quattros w/(auto trans & V6 engines)?

Yup.  I've got a new 100CSQ with the 2.8 V6 and the four-speed
automatic.  Very nice car, except for the miserable servotronic 
steering and the slow throttle response which accompanies the 
slushbox.  The automatic is an interesting piece of work.  It 
has five performance levels and decides which one is right for 
you by "watching" you drive for a minute or two.  I've learned 
that the first thing I have to do upon getting warmed up is to 
mash the gas pedal and hold it so the engine revs nearly to red 
line on each shift during the initial run through the gearbox.  
After that, the computer knows I'm looking for performance (vs.
economy) and holds its shifts accordingly.

My wife *insisted* that our next sedan have an automatic -- we
traded a five-speed Taurus SHO for the Audi -- so I was quite
pleased when I learned that we could get a reasonably priced
Quattro which was so equipped.  I can't complain because since
trading the SHO, I get to drive the Miata most of the time now
while she has her luxmobile.  Still, I miss my old 1985 4000SQ,
the car which taught me what AWD performance driving was about.
It was much more nimble than this one, and seemed quite a bit
quicker as well.  The SHO and the 100CSQ are, of course, worlds

- Steve Bruun