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Audi insider gossip

              Memo from Peter Fraser                Ext. 6517
        Subject: Audi insider gossip                   4/28/93    10:23 AM
Hey, kids:

My buddy within the VWoA organization told me a funny Ferdinand Piech story, as

Last week the good Dr. was in Detroit for big meetings on the future of the
company in the US.  Late in the visit he said "Ve must check ze competition -
get me ze Cadillac Seville mit Northschtar engine!"  They got one, but on such
late notice that the only chance he had to drive it was on the freeway to the
airport.  Ferdie's in his '50's but he's very young at heart, they say (he's on
his 5th wife...) - so he and 3 top VWoA execs pile into the car and screech off
to the airport.  The guy drove at 100-120 mph the whole way, expertly cutting
in and out of traffic - much to the consternation of the others - and then,
while steering one-handed at 100 mph says:  "Ve must alzo test ze zound
zystem!" then pulls a CD out of his briefcase, slams it into the player and
cranks it up.  Wagner?  nope.  Oompahpah music?  uh-uh.  Polkas?  nope.  He was
groovin' to...

Madonna's Greatest Hits! (!?!)

(...like an ow - dee...
recalled for the very-first-time...
like an ow-ow-ow-ow dee
let your climate control break
just like mine...)?

see ya!

Peter of Lawrence Berkeley