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Removing power seats...?

Ah Yes - the saga continues...

If you recall from our last episode, the body shop managed to make the
battery under the back seat in my 87 5000 CSQ explode! I *thought* I
had neutralized all of the acid...Dooohhhh (homer simpson here)..

Unfortunately some holes have appeared in the rear carpeting. It is clear
to me that I need to remove the passenger side seat and pull up the
carpeting to do a proper job of neutralizing the residual crud.

The last time I tried to do this I figured out the mechanical part of this
task but got stalled at removing the cable to the power seat stuff -
It didn't appear as though there was a simple connector to pull apart.

I have the manual set ($$$) and it didn't appear to help -

Any hints out there?

Mark Aaldering
Cypress Semiconductor
Voice: (408) 943-2823