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RE: 5000 Climate control

Hi.  I have an 86 5000T-Q with 206K on it. I think I've seen a lot of the
little things that happen to these cars...

The climate control is made up of 3 pieces (inside the car).  The "control
head" (electronics), the "programmer" (electro-vaccuum converter), and the
vaccuum servos (things that move the flaps).

If anything goes wrong, the system defaults to DEFROST mode. 

The problems I've seen occurred in the "programmer". There are little relay
like devices in there that switch vaccuum from one circuit to another. These
things get stuck, and keep vaccuum from reaching the proper flap servo. The
"programmer" is the black box mounted behind the glove box (to the right).  You
know if it's the "programmer" if you set the temp to LO and the mode to AUTO
and can get the vents to shift by wacking the programmer box. You can replace
the whole box, or if you're good with your fingers, you can remove the box,
take it apart and remove the little servo relays. Clean out all of the moving
parts and re-assemble the whole thing. I sprayed some silicone in there too, so
do that. I did this, and now mine is fine.  This is a ton of work. You have to
remove the glove box, and all of the underdash trim panels. The programmer
itself is a bot awkward to remove.  Plan on the good part of a Saturday.

BUT before doing any of that, remove the trim panel to the right of the radio
and inspect the vaccuum lines attached to the servos. A friend of mine had a
line fall off and cause the same symptom..

I'll bet on the programmer...

Good luck,

From:	US1RMC::"m17108@mwunix.mitre.org" "Jason Douglas (jdouglas@mitre.org)" 10-MAY-1993 12:51:48.22
To:	quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subj:	5000 Climate control

Netters --

Sometime ago there was a posting on the following problem.  The delco climate
control blows the a/c out the defroster vents instead of the dashboard vents.
Is this because the controller behind the glovebox gets "weak?"  Whats the
cure?  The hot weather is here and this problem should get fixed soon!


Jason (jdouglas@mitre.org)