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O2 sensor and check-engine

On  2/25/93  Mark Gooley wrote: 

>I almost always get a transient "check engine" light when I'm 
>the car hard, especially when it's not warmed up yet (regardless of
>temperature).  (It's an '88 5000 CS turbo with the Intended Acceleration
>mods, but it did the same thing before I had the ECU fiddled.)  It used 
>annoy me but now it's just part of the Nature of Things for me...

This problem just started a few days ago with my 87 5000 cs quattro. 
Yesterday I was stranded. (don't you just hate that when that happens, 
I don't know if it was related to the 'check engine' light or not.)
The car died.  After a 10 minute rest I got it running, ** but**,   when 
let off of the gas to shift it died again.  Once I got it started I kept 
it in
1st, one foot on the clutch the other, on the gas and my hand on the
emergency brake.  

Anyway it has been at the dealership all day and they haven't found
the problem.  Not a dash pot, not a fuel problem, not....
ANYIDEAS?  They suspect the "electrical system".  YIKES!  That
sounds like $$$$$$$$$$$ to fix.   What would make an Audi not
idle on its own and idle rough when you force it with the gas pedal?