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RE: front brake pads on 5000 turbo

I have an 86 5000TQ. I got the same rash of noise about rotors.  If you want to
be "pure", the rotors should be replaced with the pads. This is because they
are at the MIN dimension (thickness) when they are new.  I guess this saves
weight and lowers thermal mass.

In reality, I changed my front rotors at 100K miles "just because".  I'm on my
3rd set of pads at 207K and the rotors are fine.  I had the "turned" once to
get rid of a slight shudder. Look for cracks!  If you see any, get new rotors. 
They aren't that expensive any longer.  You can find them for under $90. each
these days (probably less if you look).  The dealer price is loony-tunes.

At 45K, I'd leave them alone, and just replace the pads.  The pads have a
warning sensor built in to them. I can't see why there is any need to replace
the pads until they are worn to the warning light.  These pads wear very



From:	US1RMC::"mgooley@advtech.uswest.com" "Mark Gooley" 13-MAY-1993 09:27:08.71
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Subj:	front brake pads on 5000 turbo

Just had an oil change plus cursory checkup of my '88 5000 CS turbo
("'88 turbo?  We don't see many of those -- Audi didn't import many
that year" is the usual reaction of dealers & Audi specialists), and
the front brake pads need to be replaced.  The dealer says that just
the pads will do; an independent Audi mechanic says that unless the
rotors are almost intact, they should be replaced as well -- "they're
unusually thin, and won't stand being machined": he hasn't seen the
car yet, though.

Any truth to that?  Will I probably have to replace the rotors?  The
car has only 45K miles on it, the last 10K under my lead-footed driving.


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