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Re: New Exhaust?


>My exhaust system on my 4000 Quattro is rapidly getting noisy.  I
>was wondering if anyone on the net has ordered any performance oriented
>exhaust systems for their quattros.  If so, where and what were the
>increases in drivability, and performance?...

I have a 84 4000 Q and had a new exhaust put on at 90K, I now have 162K and
it is still OK.  For auto-x I wanted a performace increase and found all
replacement stuff expensive.  All I wanted was to replace pipe and muffler
from the catalitic converter back.  I ended up just having a local muffer
place (good one, that is) put in a custom one.  It was cheap.  The whole
thing cost $140.

I went from the stock 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 pipe.  I had them put in a Walker
Dyno-max Super Turbo (cool performace muffler) and they even put a crome
tip on the end and sprayed the rest with black paint.

I noticed quite a bit of performance improvement.  I'd say, about 10HP.
The only side effect is that they Walker is a bit noiser, but I enjoy it
myself.  You can really hear the motor, and it sounds more like a race car
;-)   ---JCG.