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Boge shocks - adjustment

              Memo from Peter Fraser                Ext. 6517
        Subject: Boge shocks - adjustment              5/13/93    12:12 PM
To the guy who had just put new Boge shocks on his Audi 5000 and was
complaining about the extraordinarily firm and uncomfortable ride...

After installing the new units, did your mechanic check the inclination angle
of the Boges?  Boge shocks are very sensitive to this angle.  My own experience
was with the car of a close friend of the family, Shirley Temple Black - former
movie star and diplomat.  Her 200 Turbo Quattro needed new shocks, and I
handled the task for her.  After several iterations of angle adjustment, we
finally got it right - but it took about 4-5 tries.  After that, however, she
reported that the thing "just tapdances right down the road..."

So get your mechanic to check the Boge Angles - you'll be running smooth
quicker than you can say "Bill Robinson."

good luck!

Peter of Lawrence Berkeley