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Re: longevity questions...

>From: JGOEKE.UNIX11@mailsrv2.eldec.com (JGOEKE)
>To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM (--)
>Subject: longevity questions...
>Date: Tue, 11 May 93 10:20
>Status: RO
>Hi all,
>A while back I sent an Email about quattro longevity.  Since I have'nt
>heard back from anyone, I wasn't sure it got to anyone :-|.  So, if you
>have already gotten this, sorry....
>I've been wanting to ask other quattro owners what the longevity of the car
>was.  I have had my 84 4000S quattro since 86, and it now has 162K miles on
>it.  It has been real reliable so far, but I'm starting to get nervous on
>long trips with this kind of mileage.  It was my only car until 92 when I
>bought a miata, so now I use it mostly for only skiing and moving people
>and such (I call it: The Mule).
>So, I was wondering what items tend to go first.  What to keep an eye on,
>and any additional recommended maintanence for the car.  This is what
>I've done so far:
>Plug wires, 35K
>Front outer CV boot covers, 60K,120K
>Few sets of plugs, caps, rotors
>Couple of batteries
>Pads, 65K
>Shocks, 80K  (for auto-x)
>Muffler, 80K  (for auto-x)
>Hydraulic clutch pedal master cylinder, 90K
>Overhead cam timing belt, 90K
>Brake job, 120K (new front rotors, spun rears, pads, fluid) mainly for
>Water pump, 135K
>Valve cover gasket, 150K
>My god, the thing still has the original clutch in it.  I doesn't seem to
>use any more oil than when I got it (about 1 quart every 3K).  The only
>thing that I've noticed, is that the 2nd gear sycro might be getting
>tired (cannot rush the 1st to 2nd shift).  I auto-xed it for about 4
>years, had in on race track once.  I have been changing the oil every 3k
>(castrol) but just started using SYNTEC and plan to change it every 7.5K.
>The trany and diff fluids get checked/changed every 20K since 100K.
>The air conditioner finally craped out last year.  They say I need a new
>condenser.  Everything else still works, even the sun roof (slow, needs
>help, but works).  Cars never been to a shop except for timing belt and
>air conditioner.
>Well, enough.  Thanks in advance for any help or info. :-)   ---JCG.
>ELDEC corp.  Joe Goeke    CAE Application Eng.
>address:     jgoeke@eldec.com

My experience with my 82 4000S is remarkably similar; it is an incredibly
reliable car:

Front outer CV boot covers, 150K(one side only)
Few sets of plugs, caps, rotors
Couple of batteries
Pads, 65K
Shocks, 90K
Muffler, 80K, 120K, 150K (don't use ANSA, they rust)
Overhead cam timing belt, 120K
Brake job, 140K (new front rotors, pads)
Water pump, 70K
ball joints 150K miles ( one had a ripped boot )
tires, 70K (I use snow tires in winter)

Still gets 30+ mpg, no oil usage between changes(3K mi),
passes emissions tests with ease, compression down 15%
in one cyliner, rest OK.

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