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5000CST Stalls

Gang, I need your help!

My 1987 Audi 5000 CST is sometimes hard to start and when it finally
starts to move, it will stall and die when I pull out into the street.
I had the thing for 3 months now and usually I hop on the free-way to
get to work and back w/ no problems ( runs great at high speeds ), but
going at slow speeeds like stop-n-go driving in a busy shopping district,
it sometimes stalls and I will have to give it some revs to get it going.
This is VERY EMBARRASING when I'm out w/ friends.

I read the starting procedures in the manual and try my best to follow it,
but it is still hard to start sometimes.

The car idles at around 900 RPM, my brother change the thermostat to a lower
temperature fo rthe summer (40 C) and he dinked around with the accelerator 
cable since we were having pedal vibration at 65mph-75mph.    I'll have to
take this car in for some tuning at the Audi dealer, cuz man I can't afford
this thing to keep croaking on me.   It's bad for the image you know :-) ???