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RE: lifter noise

YES.  I have had this exact problem with an 86 5000TQ. I finally got fed up
with the noise and got the lifters replaced. Now, the engine is completely
quiet, and it runs smoother. I had the timing belt changed at the same
time.  It isn't "that hard" to do. The camshaft has to be removed, but that's
right on top of the head. The lifters were ~$15-$20 each, and there are 10 of
them. My mechanic says there were no signs of cam wear, and that the lifter
noise doesn't really hurt anything.  My noise started at 120K and slowly got
worse with time.  I changed the lifters at 195K.  

I had the same concerns about opening up a high mile engine, but now, I'm glad
I did it. No more clacking in the parking lots!

Good luck,

By the way, I only use a 1/2 qt of oil every 3K miles. Not bad for 207K.
From:	US1RMC::"d.raymond@cablelabs.com" "Dorothy Raymond" 21-MAY-1993 15:22:20.82
To:	quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
Subj:	lifter noise

Hi!  My husband and I are new to the quattro.net, but long-time owners.  We
have two, a l987 4000CS Quattro and a l991 200 Turbo Quattro (just like Shirley
Temple Black is reported to have ;-) but without Boge shocks)

Our 4000, at 150,000 plus miles,  is developing a rather severe lifter noise
problem.  Over the last year, we've tried thick oil, thin oil, synthetic oil,
and it still makes the same noise.  Engine oil pressure is ok, and the
compression is still ok.  It doesn't burn a lot of oil, either.  It sounds like
it's coming from one or two cylinders, not all five.

Obviously, we don't want to start tearing apart the engine--or even removing
the head--if we don't have to.  But, since the noise is getting to be too much
to ignore, that may be our only hope.

Before we do, anybody out there with the same problem that you've found a cure

Thanks in advance!!

--Dorothy Raymond