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Re: Front brakes on a 100Q

If you are mechanically inclined, this is an easy job.

I haven't done this on my audi yet but I can offer few hints from
other cars that I have done this on:

	1- Need jack stands
	2- Typically there are couple of bolts holding the front calipers on.
	   You may need a torque wrench or some kind of breaker bars to get 
	   them lose.  On some cars  (rear wheels of bimmers) allen bolts
	   are used. You need proper wrench.
	3- On some cars the discs are held by an allen type screw.  Need allen
	4- You need to open the brake calipers as wide as possible and then 
	   insert the pads.  If not the caliper do not fit over the disc.  
	   I think most auto part stores have a proper tool to get
	   the calipers open.  You need to open the reservoir cap in case 
	   the brake fluid rises and need to drain out.  (I have not seen
	   this yet)   	  
	5- Don't breath the brake dust as much as possible
	6- torque the bolts.  Remember to torque the lug nuts  to 
	   prevent possible warpage of the discs.

Good Luck,


> From duane@zk3.dec.com Tue May 25 15:04:33 1993
> Subject: Front brakes on a 100Q
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> I'm about to folishly try to save some money be replacing the
> front brake pads and rotors (yes, they're shot) on my '89 100Q.
> Before I embark on this project, are there any special tips
> I shuold know about these brakes in particular?
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