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Re: Mothballing an Audi

> It looks like I might be moving to England for 9-12 months on a work 
> assignment, and my car can't come with me.  
> Is it a very bad idea to let my car sit for this extended period of time?
> Is there anything I should do to preserve it?
> I believe that I will be able to keep the car indoors, but not heated.
> Any advice would be appreciated.

When I was transferred (without car) to California for 7 months, I
made arrangements with a friend to drive the car once a month for
at least 20 miles. He drove it to work. If this is at all possible,
it is the preferred way of keeping a car running. Even after sitting
for a month, the tires had noticeable flat spots (which drove out in
a day or so).

If it is not possible to get a driver, I would suggest the following:

1) Run the car until it is out of gas. Gas will go bad in 9-12 months.
   If you don't want to do this, use a good stabilizer.

2) Put the car up on blocks, so the tires don't touch the ground.

3) Disconnect and remove the battery.

4) When you return, charge and reconnect the battery, fill with gas,
   and get the oil changed.


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