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20V upgrade

Hey, any motorheads out there?

I just purchaced an 83 turbo quattro coupe in great condition, but as seems
to be the case these days, my quest for more horsepower always seems to
outweigh my quest for sensibility.  I was thinking that a 20V head would be 
the way to go.  Has anyone out there attempted this? (Is it even possible?)
I talked to a mechanic (John at Sport Wheels in Glenwood Springs Colorado,
who is, from what I've heard, one of the foremost turbo coupe mechanics in
the country) and he says that he's done one 20V conversion, and that it 
came out fine. I guess what I'm after are more oppinions on the pro's and
con's of this undertaking.  Questions of engine smoothness and reliability
also come to mind.  I assume that most of the plumbing will need to be
changed (radiator, intake, and exhaust), but what audi models can I
canabilize the parts from?  I also realize that in the 89-91 production 20V
turbo coupes, the engine displacement is over 2200 cc, whereas the motor in
the 83-84 10V turbo models is around 2100 cc.  Is there a head gasket made 
that will allow the 20V head to fit onto the 10V block?  I realize I've posed
a lot of questions, but I am often times humbled by the amount of accumulated
Audi knowledge there is out there on this list, so if anyone has any useful
input, please drop me a line.

                                                Thanks in advance,

                                                Dan Bocek
Dan Bocek