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20V upgrade

Reference:  Attached note from dan at diginst.com

>I just purchaced an 83 turbo quattro coupe in great condition, but as seems
>to be the case these days, my quest for more horsepower always seems to
>outweigh my quest for sensibility.  I was thinking that a 20V head would be
>the way to go.  Has anyone out there attempted this? (Is it even possible?)
>Dan Bocek

You might want to call John Buffum at Libra Racing, (802)655-5768.
Buffum is, of course, the most successful U.S. rally driver in history,
has had a long association with Quattros, and currently builds them
for his stepson, Paul Choiniere.  If there's anybody who knows about
extracting horsepower out of a Quattro, it's him.

Keep us posted.

- Lawrence Cheng