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Leistritz muffler for '85 GT

Hello gang,

I am getting to head home for the summer, and plan (plan? maybe NEED)
to replace my muffler system on my '85 Coupe GT.  I was interested in
Leistritz, and wondered if anyone out there has any experience or
opinions on it.  Also, other recommendations would be welcome, although
my limit is about $250.  I have too replace it from the cat back, since
the pipes as well as the resonator are rusted through.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Franco Industries
variable cam sprocket.  I don't know how much it costs, but I think I
remember seeing something around $300+.  I would be happy for a moderate
boost in performance, since 110hp/120lbs.-ft just isn't fun any more.

Finally, does anyone have a rattle coming from their engine?  Recently,
mine started to make this rattling noise, mainly upon acceleration.
I noticed a friend's '85 5000 doing the same thing, and so wondered
if it was a common problem with a hopefully simple solution. 
It almosts sounds like the A/C compressor clutch.  Ideas?