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Re: distressed 84 4000S

Hiok-Tiaq Ng writes:
> My friend has an '84 4000S which has been experiencing difficulties.  
> Occasionally while cruising, and/or on startup, rich-black smoke pours
> out the exhaust and the car almost (occasionally) dies.  There is no
> reqularity to this problem, sometimes it occurs twice a week, sometimes 
> just twice a month. BUT, it has been going on for over 2 years and no 
> dealer has been able to figure it out!!  The car's maintenance schedule has
> been followed to a tee and it's a very well kept southern car.

This is most certainly a symptom of the car suddenly running very rich
(fuel-air mixture).  Being that it's intermittent seems to imply
that something that governs the fuel-air mixture (likely to be an
electrical item) is either erratic or have poor electrical connections.

Check the following:

- Differential pressure regulator on the fuel distributor and its
  electrical plug
- Oxygen sensor and OXS thermal switch
- Connections on the Bosch KE-Jetronic computer
- Connections on the back of the fuse/relay panel

Good luck,

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